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Dr. Marc Brisson  Dr. David Scheifele  Dr. Mark Loeb  Dr. Philippe De Wals  Dr. Shelley Deeks  Dr. Gaston De Serres  Ms. Gina Charos and  Ms. Lianne Bellisario,  representing the Public   Health Agency of   Canada  CIRN  •  2017 ANNUAL REPORT     1

                                                      CIRN MANAGEMENT   COMMITTEE  APRIL 2017  Dr. Scott Halperin  Dr. Julie Bettinger  Dr. Joanne Langley   Dr. Shelly McNeil  Dr. Melissa Andrew  Dr. Karina Top  Dr. Eve Dubé  Dr. Natasha Crowcroft  Dr. Jeff Kwong  Dr. Brian Ward

                   Letter from the Management Committee

                              We are pleased to provide our 7th CIRN Annual Report, with an array of information

                                                           of 15 projects were selected.  •   •      •   •

                                   on both our concluding first term CIRN projects, several continuation projects, and  our newly launched CIRN research projects and programs.  CIRN will continue to operate as a “network of networks” with eight sub-networks.  2017 marks an exciting continuation phase of CIRN. The network comprises over 100  investigators across 40 Canadian institutions, involving experts in vaccine-related  evaluative research. During the call for proposals for the re
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