Using mobile apps to facilitate vaccine adverse event reporting

Mobile devices have enhanced the provision of health care, both for individuals and providers. We believe these devices offer an opportunity to improve immunization practice and communication between individuals and public health officials.

This project will develop a smartphone application (app) to facilitate reporting of adverse events following immunization (AEFIs) with seasonal influenza vaccine 8 and 30 days after vaccination.  The app will be pilot tested in 50-60 influenza vaccine recipients in the fall of 2014. The app’s usability and acceptability will be evaluated.

The project team consists of the following researchers: Dr. Kumanan Wilson and Dr. Fergusson, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; Dr. Julie Bettinger, University of British Columbia; Dr. Shelley Deeks and Dr. Natasha Crowcroft, Public Health Ontario.

Team Members:

  • Kumanan Wilson, Project Lead, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  • Julie Bettinger, University of British Columbia
  • Dean Fergusson, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  • Shelley Deeks, Public Health Ontario
  • Natasha Crowcroft, Public Health Ontario