2018 CANVAS Study


Each year, the Canadian National Vaccine Safety Network (CANVAS) quickly gathers safety information on the seasonal influenza vaccine and provides it to public health authorities.  Over 40,000 individuals participate in this web-based active surveillance each year, providing an ability to detect events occurring at a rate of less than 1 in 10,000.

Participants received a short electronic survey eight days after vaccination. The main outcome is the occurrence of any new health problem or the exacerbation of an existing condition that is severe enough to cause work or school absenteeism/prevent daily activities or to require medical consultation. Medically attended events are followed up by telephone for additional details.  Participants receive a second survey before the start of influenza vaccination the following fall to capture the background rate for common events prior to vaccination.

If you would like to participate, have been vaccinated with the influenza vaccine in the last three days and live in one of the cities listed below please click on the link for your city. This will take you to the survey for your city: