SIC Network Patient Referrals

If you are a physician looking to refer a patient with an adverse event following vaccination to a Special Immunization Clinic near you, please use the contact information below.

We prioritize patients with acute onset hypersensitivity reactions, neurologic events, coagulation disorders, cardiac events, organ dysfunction, events causing absenteeism, and/or hospitalization.

The following sites are accepting referrals for adverse events following any vaccination:

Halifax, NS:

Canadian Centre for Vaccinology/IWK Health, NS Health

SIC Physician lead: Karina Top

Coordinator: Pam MacIntyre
Telephone:  902-470-8948
Fax: 902-470-7232

Quebec, QC:

CHU de Quebec-Universite Laval

SIC Physician lead: Gaston De Serres

Coordinator: Sandrine Hegg-Deloye

Montreal, QC:

Montreal Children’s Hospital

SIC Physician lead: Francisco Noya

Coordinator: Deirdre McCormack

St. Justine, QC:

CHU Sainte-Justine, St. Justine

SIC Physician lead: Soren Gantt

Ottawa, ON:

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Under 18 only)

SIC Physician lead: Anne Pham-Huy

Coordinator: Jennifer Bowes
Telephone: 613-737-7600 ext 2312

Ottawa, ON:

The Ottawa Hospital

SIC Physician lead: Drs. Arianne Buchan & Juthaporn Cowan

Coordinator: Jennifer Dodd
Fax for referrals: 613-737-8164

Toronto, ON:

The Hospital for Sick Children (Under 18 only)

SIC Physician lead: Shaun Morris

Coordinator: Suganya Lee

Hamilton, ON:

McMaster Children’s Hospital

SIC Physician lead: Jeffrey Pernica

Coordinator: Lara Murphy
Telephone: 905-521-2100 ext. 75013
Fax: 905-521-2627

Regina, SK:

Jim Pattison’s Children Hospital

SIC Physician Lead: Athena McConnell

Coordinator: Shauna Richards
Telephone: (306) 844-1069
Fax: (306) 844-1507

Calgary, AB:

Alberta Children’s Hospital

SIC Physician Lead: Cora Constantinescu

Coordinator: Chris Ireland
Telephone: 403-955-2200
Fax: 403-955-2853

Edmonton, AB:

Stollery Children’s Hospital

SIC Physician Lead: Catherine Burton

Coordinator: Barbra Neufeld
Fax: 1-888-790-1176

Vancouver & Victoria, BC:

BC Children’s Hospital/Vancouver General Hospital/Allergy Victoria

SIC Physician Lead: Manish Sadarangani


The following sites are accepting referrals for adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination only:

St John’s, NL:

Memorial University of Newfoundland

SIC Physician lead: Dr. Andrew O’Keefe

Montreal, QC:

Institut de recherché cliniques de Montréal (ICRM)

SIC Physician lead: Hugo Chapdelaine

Coordinator: Nadia Beaudoin

Sherbrooke, QC:

CHU Sherbrooke

SIC Physician lead: Alex Carignan

Coordinator: Dominique Marcoux

Winnipeg, MB:

Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg/Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg

SIC Physician lead: Colin Barber

Telephone: 204-787-3072
Fax: 204-940-2223