Publications for March 2018

Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours of university students, faculty and staff during a meningococcal serogroup B outbreak vaccination program

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Rapid surveillance for health events following a mass meningococcal B vaccine program in a university setting: A Canadian Immunization Research Network study

JM Langley, DM MacDougall, BA Halperin, A Swain, SA Halperin, KA Top, SA McNeil, D MacKinnon-Cameron, K Marty, G De Serres, E Dubé and JA Bettinger

Vaccine , 2016;34:4046–4049

Discussing the need for an adolescent hepatitis B vaccine booster in infant vaccinee

M Pinto and D Scheifele

Paediatrics & Child Health , 2014, 19(8): 404

Media content about vaccines in the United States and Canada 2012-2014 : An analysis using data from the Vaccine Sentimeter

G Powell, K Zinszer, A Verma, C Bahk, L Madoff, J Brownstein and D Buckeridge

Vaccine , 34(50):6229-6235