Meningococcal B vaccine acceptability: Results of a longitudinal study in Quebec (Canada)

E Dubé, D Gagnon, M Quakki, B Belley, H Gagné, N Boulianne, M Landry and JA Bettinger

Vaccine Reports , 2016;6:29-35

A mass vaccination campaign with the 4CMenB vaccine (Bexsero®) was launched in a serogroup B endemic area in Quebec. A study was conducted to assess parents’ and adolescents’ opinions about the acceptability of the vaccine before and after the campaign (two telephone surveys).

This paper reports the results of the second survey and describes the factors associated with complete and incomplete 4CMenB vaccine status. Overall, 82.5% of children and 58.7% of adolescents were completely vaccinated. A positive association between intention reported prior to the campaign and vaccine receipt reported after the campaign was observed for both children and adolescents. Protection against meningococcal diseases was the main reason reported for those who completed the 4CMenB dose series, while lack of time, interest or information remained one of the main reasons for having refused the vaccine or not having completed the series. About half of the vaccinees reported an adverse event after having received a dose of 4CMenB and pain at the injection site and fever were the most often cited. Neither negative perceptions regarding the safety of the vaccine nor report of adverse events after having received a dose of the vaccine were associated with the vaccine refusal.

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