About Research Studies

CIRN conducts a variety of research studies throughout the year, and many of these studies are multi-year projects. Often there are opportunities for members of the public to participate in studies in their local area; the Research Studies descriptions provide an overview of the study and indicate whether the study is active and recruiting.

Each research study funded by the CIRN Network will address one or more of the 5 following research area priorities:

  1. Rapid evaluation of candidate vaccines for safety and immunogenicity in persons of all ages;
  2. Population based methods to evaluate vaccine effectiveness and safety following release for general use;
  3. Vaccine hesitancy and evaluation of strategies to address hesitancy;
  4. Vaccine coverage, including isolated communities and cohorts of concern; and
  5. Adverse events following immunization.

The network has currently approved 15 individual projects to be funded through CIRN. For future projects, the network will continue to focus on these priorities, as well as any new research areas that are considered relevant and of value by both the CIRN Research Committee and the CIRN Stakeholders Advisory Committee.