A multiprovincial approach to evaluating pertussis vaccine effectiveness in Canada using administrative data

Pertussis (whooping cough) has been on the rise in recent years due to a combination of decreased vaccination rates, a gradual loss of immunity among those who have been vaccinated, and the use of a vaccine that may be less effective than earlier pertussis vaccines. Therefore, it is important to study how effective current pertussis vaccines are for preventing pertussis.

This study will involve Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba. For each province, we will use information on individuals who have undergone laboratory testing for pertussis and combine it with healthcare and immunization records. Using statistical analyses, we will be able to measure the effectiveness of pertussis vaccines. We will then combine the results from each province to produce an overall estimate. This study will inform policies about the future use of pertussis vaccines.

Team Members:

  • Natasha Crowcroft, Project Lead, Public Health Ontario
  • Jeff Kwong, University of Toronto
  • Margaret Russell, University of Calgary
  • Larry Svenson, Alberta Health
  • Steve Drews, University of Calgary
  • Kimberley Simmonds, University of Calgary
  • Salah Mahmud, University of Manitoba
  • Shelley Deeks, Public Health Ontario
  • Fran Jamieson, Public Health Ontario
  • Sarah Wilson, Public Health Ontario