African-Canadian Study of HIV-Infected Adults and a Vaccine for Ebola (ACHIV Ebola)

Participants needed: HIV-infected adults (18 – 65 years) located in Montréal and Ottawa.

Why are researchers doing this study? Ebola virus causes a severe disease that can include flu-like symptoms, high fever, headache, and muscle aches, followed by diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, rash, bleeding, and even death. Currently there is no approved treatment for Ebola infection, nor an approved vaccine for preventing infection either before or after exposure.

Future Ebola outbreaks are likely to occur in countries where HIV infection may also be present in a significant number of people. It is important to know whether the vaccine will be safe and effective in these patients because when vaccinations are needed during a large outbreak, they must be given quickly and HIV testing may not be possible.

What does participation in the study involve? All potential participants will be screened to determine if they are eligible to participate in the study. Once eligibility is determined, participants will be assigned by a computer to either receive one dose of the experimental Ebola vaccine or the placebo. Participation requires eight visits with blood draws over a period of one year. Urine and saliva samples will also be collected. Participants will be compensated for their time and participants at the Ottawa site will receive parking passes.

How do I sign up for the study? This study is enrolling patients at two sites in Canada: The Ottawa Hospital and the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal. If you are located in either of these areas and interested in participating or hearing more information about the study, please contact our Research Coordinators:

Danielle Tardiff, RN (

Marie-Edith Peuziat, RN (
Stephanie Matte, RN (

For general inquiries about this study, please contact Karen Inglis, Clinical Trials Network Project Manager:

You can view the official posting for this study by clicking here.

For more information about the CIRN Ebola Phase 1 study that was completed in Canada, you may visit the following sites: