Canadian National Vaccine Safety Network (CANVAS) COVID-19 Safety Surveillance

About the CANVAS-COVID Study

Why: The purpose of this study is to find out how often health events occur after a COVID-19 vaccine. The CANVAS surveillance network complements Canada’s passive vaccine safety surveillance system with rapid information early in the COVID-19 vaccine campaign.

Who: You can take part in this study if you have an email address, telephone number and a device to answer online surveys. If you have been vaccinated click here. If you have not been vaccinated click here.

Where: This study will take place in 5 Provinces and Territories: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and the Yukon.

How your participation makes a difference:

By joining our study you are contributing valuable early data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in Canadians. Post-marketing vaccine safety surveillance is an important step in ensuring vaccine safety.

Study participants will be asked to complete two or three online surveys:

  • 8 days AFTER you get the first COVID-19 vaccine
  • 8 days AFTER you get the second COVID-19 vaccine (if you are given a second dose)
  • 6 months AFTER your second COVID-19 vaccine

The surveys will collect basic demographics data about you (age, sex, gender, underlying health conditions) and any information about illnesses since your last vaccine.

If you report a health problem which required a medical visit, we may call you to find out more about the symptoms of the health problem.

Visit for full study information and enrolment.