Role of Leaders in HCP Influenza Immunization Success

Program Delivery and Evaluation Network

Health Care Professionals (HCPs) should be immunized to protect both themselves and vulnerable patients. Health system leaders have a persuasive role in advising HCPs about influenza, and should be advocating for influenza immunization policies, including immunization being a condition of employment or appointment. The objectives of this pilot study will be to conduct interviews with a small group of Canadian health system leaders (e.g. hospital CEOs) to begin to: 1) understand leaders’ knowledge of influenza, nosocomial influenza infection by HCPs, and the current state of HCP influenza immunization rates; and 2) determine health system leaders’ attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours about new healthcare organization policies to require influenza immunization as a condition of employment or appointment for all HCPs. We will work with the CIHR-funded, Canadian Healthcare Influenza Immunization Network, the leading group conducting research on predictors of and interventions for influenza immunization among HCPs. The results of this and a planned follow-up national survey will inform recommendations to local, provincial/territorial, and federal governmental and nongovernmental organizations on policy issues related to health system leader involvement in programs requiring HCP influenza immunization, as well as future grant applications in this area.