Knowledge Translation and Training

CIRN maintains a core curriculum that will enhance interdisciplinary interaction and prepare students for real life career challenges while allowing trainees the time needed to develop specialized research skills. In addition, the group works to ensure that Knowledge Translation (KT), defined by CIHR as “a dynamic and iterative process that includes the synthesis, dissemination, exchange, and ethically sound application of knowledge”, is facilitated across the network into everyday practice.

The CIRN core curriculum will be conducted in an interdisciplinary problem-based learning (PBL) environment, with an emphasis on acquiring familiarity with issues that are often overlooked in specialized research programs. The curriculum will:

  • Enhance collaborative team research: The core curriculum will educate trainees in the practice of team research (as compared to individually-led research) and foster interdisciplinary interactions among trainees, mentors, and institutional leaders; and
  • Develop Core competencies in immunization, ethics, research integrity, research management, commercialization, technology transfer, communication, and knowledge translation into practice and health policy.