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by a three-year grant of $6.6 million from PHAC and
                                               CIRN’s niche is at the interface of clinical research,
                                                                  uenza Research Network (PCIRN), from 2009 -
                                                                                ed that it is fully funded for  The next phase of CIRN hopes to further strengthen    eld of immunization and vaccines  recruiting New Investigators, providing opportunities  for trainees, and delivering meaningful engagement
                      Immunization Research
                 About the Canadian

                           Network (CIRN)  CIRN continues to function as a network of  networks and serves as a primary source of  research capacity to provide data to inform public  health decision-making about immunization  programs to improve the health of Canadians.  surveillance and epidemiological research, and  public health program evaluation. CIRN’s focus is  on late-stage vaccine evaluation and evaluation of  program implementation. In continuation of the successful PHAC/CI

                                  About the Canadian Immunization Research Network (CIRN)

                        Table of Contents
                                           CIRN Management Committee, April 2017
                                        Letter from the Management Committee

                                                 CIRN Network Leads   CIRN Networks and Their Projects  Canadian National Vaccine Safety Network  Clinical Trials Network Serious Outcomes Surveillance Network Provincial Collaborative Network Special Immunization Clinics Network Social Sciences and Humanities Network Modeling and Economics Research Network Reference Laboratory Network  CIRN Trainees  CIRN Financial Report  CIRN Co-Investigators 2016-2017 Publications, Abstracts and Pre

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