Page 6 - CIRN Annual Report 2017
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Dr. Marc Brisson, Network  Lead, Modeling and  Economics Research Network   Dr. Marc Brisson is a Professor  at Université Laval where he  leads the Research Group in  Mathematical Modeling and  Health Economics of Infectious  Diseases. His research aims at  developing mathematical models  that predict the effectiveness and  cost-effectiveness of interventions  against infectious diseases to help  policy decision-making.

                                              Dr. Brian Ward, Network Lead,  Reference Laboratory Network  Dr. Brian Ward is a Professor of  Medicine and Microbiology at  McGill University, Co-Director  of the McGill Vaccine Study  Centre, Associate Director of the  JD MacLean Center for Tropical  Diseases and Medical Director of  the National Reference Center for  Parasitology. His research interests  are vaccine development, parasite  diagnostics and global health.

                                              Dr. Natasha Crowcroft,  Network Co-Lead, Provincial  Collaborative Network  Dr. Natasha Crowcroft is Chief of  Applied Immunization Research  and Evaluation at Public Health  Ontario (PHO) and Professor at  the Department of Laboratory  Medicine and Pathobiology and the  Dalla Lana School of Public Health,  University of Toronto, Canada. Dr.  Crowcroft is widely published, and  provides expertise to the World  Health Organization and Pan-

                                              Dr. Jeff Kwong, Network      Co-Lead, Provincial  Collaborative Network  Dr. Jeff Kwong is a Senior  Scientist at the Institute for Clinical  Evaluative Sciences (ICES), a  Scientist at Public Health Ontario,  a Family Physician at the Toronto  Western Family Health Team, and  an Associate Professor at the  Department of Family & Community  Medicine and the Dalla Lana  School of Public Health at the  University of Toronto. His research  i
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