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                         1     Letter from the Management Committee

                               CIRN Management Committee

                         2     CIRN Network Leads

                         5     CIRN Networks and Their Projects
                               6      CANVAS  |  Canadian National Vaccine Safety Network

                               8      CTN  |  Clinical Trials Network

                               10     SOS  |  Serious Outcomes Surveillance Network

                               12     SIC  |  Special Immunization Clinic Network

                               14     SSHN  |  Social Sciences and Humanities Network

                               16     RLN  |  Reference Laboratory Network

                               18     ModERN  |  Modeling and Economics Research Network

                               20     PCN  |  Provincial Collaborative Network

                         23    Financial Report
                         24    Publications, Abstracts and Presentations 2017/18



             CIRN is a continuation of the successful PHAC/    of networks”, CIRN’s mandate was broadened
             CIHR Infl uenza Research Network (PCIRN), from     from pandemic and seasonal infl uenza to include
             2009-2014. In its six years of operations 135 PCIRN   research on all vaccines of public health importance.
             Network investigators contributed an immense
             amount of valuable vaccine research through 68    CIRN is divided into eight research sub-networks,
             research studies and 35 strategic partnerships with   and is comprised of over 2 00 investigators across 40
             institutions and organizations.                   Canadian institutions, involving experts in vaccine-
                                                               related evaluative research. CIRN supports a
             In late 2013, CIHR presented a grant opportunity   collaborative research infrastructure among vaccine
             to researchers in Canada interested in vaccine    researchers and stakeholders, provides a training
             study. PCIRN investigators proposed to take on this   environment for the next generation of vaccine
             application and a call to all interested researchers
             in Canada was made; shortly after, the proposed   researchers, and provides two-way knowledge
             Canadian Immunization Research Network (CIRN)     exchange between researchers and decision-
             was formed by a national network of investigators.  makers. CIRN develops and tests methodologies
                                                               in vaccine safety and eff ectiveness; examines
             The Canadian Immunization Research Network        vaccine hesitancy and strategies to address it;
             (CIRN) was established to continue and expand     evaluates current programs for vaccine coverage
             upon PCIRN and to increase Canada’s capacity      and eff ectiveness; and provides a rapid response
             to respond to infl uenza pandemics. As a “network   research capacity.
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