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             We are delighted to provide our 8  CIRN Annual Report. This year we focused on launching
             several new research projects and programs, while also improving the infrastructure, and
             operational support that the Network Management Offi  ce can provide the networks.

             CIRN is working to further strengthen Canada’s    chairs of the CIRN Committees, members-at-large,
             research capacity, evidence base, and expertise in   and one non-voting representative from both PHAC
             the fi eld of immunization and vaccines for vaccine-  and CIHR.
             preventable disease, and plays a pivotal role in
             mentoring early-career researchers, recruiting    CIRN continues to strengthen and form its fi ve
             new investigators, providing opportunities for    committees:
             trainees, and delivering meaningful engagement of   •  Indigenous Research Committee (IRC)
             stakeholders at all research stages.                •  Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC)

             CIRN functions as a network of networks and serves   • Scientifi c Advisory Board (SAB)
             as a primary source of research capacity to provide   •  Independent Peer Review Committee (IPRC)
             data to inform public health decision-making about   •  Training and Education Committee (TEC)
             immunization programs to improve the health of    Over the next year, CIRN aims to work towards
             Canadians, and is overseen at the executive level   engaging Canada’s provinces on future research
             by a Management Committee (MC). The MC is         priorities, and looks forward to generating important
             comprised of the Nominated Principal Applicant    new data to form health policy as we continue to
             (NPA) who acts as Chair of the MC, Principal      build this important network.
             Applicants (PA), who lead the sub-networks, the

                                                                         CIRN                                               2018
             OUR FOCUS                                                   COMMITTEE
               •  Perform vaccine research to inform health policy
                 in Canada                                               Dr. Scott Halperin    Dr. Philippe De Wals
               •  Maintain an active research network capable            Dr. Julie Bettinger   Dr. Shelley Deeks
                 of immediate response to infectious disease             Dr. Joanne Langley    Dr. Gaston De Serres
                 threats in Canada
                                                                         Dr. Shelly McNeil     Ms. Lianne Bellisario,
               •  Further develop collaborations between                                       representing the
                 Canadian vaccine experts                                Dr. Melissa Andrew    Public Health Agency
                                                                         Dr. Karina Top
               •  Train the next generation of pandemic vaccine                                of Canada
                 researchers                                             Dr. Eve Dubé          Mr. Steve Mitchell,
               •  Perform applied public health research and             Dr. Natasha Crowcroft  representing the
                 vaccine evaluations of high priority for Canadian       Dr. Jeff  Kwong        Canadian Institutes of
                                                                                               Health Research
                 health decision-makers                                  Dr. Brian Ward
                                                                         Dr. Marc Brisson
                                                                         Dr. David Scheifele
                                                                         Dr. Mark Loeb

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