Page 5 - CIRN Annual Report 2017-18
P. 5

DR. MELISSA ANDREW,               DR. KARINA TOP,                  DR. EVE DUBÉ, NETWORK
             NETWORK CO-LEAD,                  NETWORK LEAD, SPECIAL            LEAD, SOCIAL SCIENCES
             SERIOUS OUTCOMES                  IMMUNIZATION CLINICS             AND HUMANITIES
             SURVEILLANCE NETWORK              NETWORK                          NETWORK

             Dr. Melissa Andrew is Associate   Dr. Karina Top is an Assistant   Dr. Eve Dubé is a member of the
             Professor of Medicine and consul-  Professor of Pediatrics and     Scientifi c Group on Immunization
             tant in Geriatric Medicine at Dal-  Community Health & Epidemiology   at the Québec National Institute
             housie University in Halifax, Nova   at Dalhousie University and   of Public Health, a researcher at
             Scotia, Canada. She completed her   Investigator at the Canadian Center   the Research Center of the CHU-
             MD as well as residency training   for Vaccinology. Her primary    Québec, and an adjoint professor in
             in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics   research focus is vaccine safety,   the Social and Preventive Medicine
             at Dalhousie University. She did   clinical management of patients   Department and Anthropology
             a Masters of Public Health at the   who have experienced AEFI, and   Department of Université Laval.
             London School of Hygiene and      vaccine safety and effectiveness in   Her research focuses on the
             Tropical Medicine on a Common-    immunocompromised patients.      socio-cultural fi eld surrounding
             wealth Scholarship then returned to                                immunization and vaccine
             Dalhousie to complete her Interdis-                                hesitancy.
             ciplinary PhD. She is an Associate
             Member of the Canadian Centre
             for Vaccinology. As part of the
             Canadian Immunization Research
             Network, she is co-Principal Inves-
             tigator of the Serious Outcomes
             Surveillance (SOS) Network, where
             she studies how frailty impacts both
             vaccine effectiveness and clinical
             outcomes of infl uenza and pneumo-
             coccal infections in older people.

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