Managing Adverse Events Following Immunization: Resource for Public Health

KA Top and Special Immunization Clinic Network Investigators of the Canadian Immunization Research Network

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the Adverse Events Following Immunizations (AEFIs) seen at the Canadian Special Immunization Clinics (SICs), and to provide assistance to Medical Officers of Health (MOHs) and other public health officials who review AEFI reports and make recommendations to vaccine providers regarding continuing immunization and indications for specialist referral. We hope that this document will aid MOHs in their review and assessment of AEFIs. This document was developed by the Special Immunization Clinic (SIC) Network Investigators and has been adapted for public health use. This document is not comprehensive and may not include all specific AEFIs which are investigated or reported in your jurisdiction. It is also not intended to supersede Provincial or Territorial Guidelines or clinical judgement. For information on public health reporting requirements, refer to your provincial or territorial guidelines. 

Disclaimer: This information in this document is provided for use by public health officials and is based on the best evidence available at the time the document was prepared. Use of this document does not establish a care relationship between patients and the authors. Health care providers and public health officials should exercise their own independent clinical judgment when using the document to make patient care recommendations. In no event shall the authors, or any of their institutions’ directors, officers, employees, professional or other staff or consultants, be liable in any manner for direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive or other damages, however caused, arising out of use of this document, including any damages you may suffer in contract, tort, negligence equity, statute law, or out of the content of the document. 

SIC Network: The SIC network, which is part of the Canadian Immunization Research Network, aims to improve the evaluation and management of patients with medically challenging AEFIs and underlying medical conditions that may complicate immunization. The network was established across Canada in 2013 by infectious disease specialists and allergists. There are 11 special immunization clinics across six Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Alberta (two clinics), Ontario (three clinics), and Quebec (three clinics).(CIRN, 2018). 

SIC Network Contact information: 

Karina Top, MD, MS, Principal Investigator

Natalie Giorgis, Project Manager
Tel: 902-470-6854 


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