Vaccine hesitancy during pregnancy: Why are maternity care providers hesitant?

The aim of this project was to assess the determinants of Canadian family physicians who provide obstetrical services’, obstetricians-gynecologists’ and midwives’ willingness to recommend and administer vaccines to their pregnant patients. Nurses and pharmacists were also included in the data collection.

Twenty-two interviews were conducted in April and May 2016 with family physicians, obstetrician-gynecologists, midwives and nurses. An online questionnaire was developed and sent in collaboration with the SOGC and their partners.

1,135 surveys were included in the analysis. 63.8% reported that that vaccines were administered in their practice (either by themselves or by colleagues). Data also revealed that many providers have expert knowledge about providing the influenza vaccine to pregnant patients, but may require further education for the Tdap vaccine.

Further analyses will be performed to explore why providers recommend the influenza and Tdap vaccines to their pregnant patients. Results will inform the development of clinical practice guidelines, education and resources initiatives.

Team Members:

In collaboration with the SOGC (Jocelynn Cook, Courtney Green, Kyla Kaminsky, Vicki Bassett, Barbara Brooks, William Ehman, Édith Guilbert, Vanessa Poliquin, Manish Sadarangan)