Page 10 - CIRN Annual Report 2017-18
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                              CLINICAL TRIALS NETWORK

                                                WHAT IS CTN?

            The Clinical Trials Network (CTN)     The network primarily focuses on      CTN is the only infectious
            answers public health questions      research questions that are specifi c    disease related vaccine
            about immunization and vaccines        to Canada, capture the diversity       clinical trial network in
               by conducting randomized           of the population, and can rapidly            Canada.
                 controlled clinical trials.      conduct clinical trials to address
                                                         emerging issues.

                 STUDIES               CO-INVESTIGATORS           STUDY LOCATIONS              PRESENTATIONS
                  11                         36                          19                           4

                                           The CTN expertly coordinated four study locations in three
                                           different countries for ACHIV-Ebola.

                                                WHAT’S NEXT?

              Collaborating with national            Currently conducting        Starting a randomized controlled
           partners on a clinical development        research on immune              trial to compare a 1-dose
           plan for a new vaccine to prevent       correlates and engaging          vs 2-dose priming schedule
            invasive Haemophilus infl uenzae      affected communities to plan       of 13-valent pneumococcal
            type a (Hia) disease in Canadian               studies.                conjugate vaccine (PCV13) in
               Indigenous communities.                                                   Canadian infants.
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